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News Center / Other Activities / Announcing the PhD. ,MA and MSc. Candidates for Study Leave Permission - College of Education for Girls

Announcing the PhD. ,MA and MSc. Candidates for Study Leave Permission - College of Education for Girls
2014-05-07 22:05:34

University of Mosul Presidency announced the names of candidates for study leave permission 2014 - 2015 just as follows :

Mr. Muayad Tahseen Yousif   for  PhD / (genuine candidate )

Ms. Enas Behnam Nicola Jamjoom  for PhD (genuine candidate )

Ms. Rasha Nizar al-Sadoun Abdullah  for  PhD (genuine candidate )

Miss Halla Saad Jassim Mohammed  for  Master - (genuine candidate )

Ms. Anwar Fakhri Thanon Hamoudi  for  PhD - (genuine candidate )

Asma Mohammed Adnan Shihab  for Master - (genuine candidate )

Ms. Ghada Hashem Ahmed Majeed  for  PhD - (genuine candidate )

Ms. Rana Ibrahim Mohammed Abdullah for  PhD   (standing by candidate )

The College of Education for Girls staff members wish  the best of luck  for all candidates  

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