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College Departments

* Department of Arabic Language
* Department of Islamic Education
* Department of Sport
* Department of Chemistry
* Department of Biology

College Council

College Laboratories

:: Life science laboratories
Animal Science  Laboratory

:: Biology Microscope Laboratory

:: Botany Laboratory
:: Chemistry laboratories
Physical , organic and Industrial chemistry Laboratory

:: Inorganic, Analytical and Biochemistry laboratory

:: Laboratory Teaching Staff

:: Computer Laboratory

 :: Internet Laboratory


Academic Studies

Undergraduate Studies

Postgraduate studies

Diploma Studies

Doctoral Studies

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Awards and Honours

:: Honoring Dean of the College
   International Women's Day

:: First place at the colleges humanity In
   assessing the
performance and quality

:: First place harvest the official site of
    the University of Mosul

Number of Visitors


( Vision, Message & Objectives )

Achieving educational excellence and leadership to build a knowledgeable society  that contributes in creating  a knowledge society.Consequently , the college becomes  the first   house of  experience  at national and regional levels so to be among the top prestigious colleges of the  world.


Preparing professional females who  can contribute a  knowledgeable  society capable of competing in order to  upgrade  the college  programmes and its  different  units to establish an active and a literate society of  high level of efficiency . as well as  responding to the diverse needs of society  in addition to the problems of the educational field and the challenges of comprehensive development .to provide initiatives for educational reform, and optimum use of knowledge and research and technology in the light of the values and needs of the community and in accordance with accreditation standards.


1.    Preparing  and qulifying  professional females who  can communicate socially and have the ability to contribute in accoradnce with the society needs and      academic accreditation standards.

2.    Providing  a research product of a distinct educational quality and quantity,  that contributes in developing knowledge  and promoting professional practices .In addition to support efferots for  educational reform to  meet the needs of the educational field and the challenges of development.
3.    Developing  the female students  innovative capacity and training them to  use the scientific way of thinking to face and treat  all the problems whether they public and private.
4.    Developing interaction with the community via joining   training and condultation courses  as well as  research programmes in the framework of the strategic partnership with local and international institutions.
5.    Working  on developing  an intrinsic sense of responsibility and on  emphasizing on integrity as well as  combating corruption at all levels and in all spheres of the nation's life.Female students shouls bear  responsibility towards their families and communities, and be agood  mother of  future by reading .Actually, we are keen that her  motto for life is always  scientific excellence  in addition to carry the  sceitific message to  access and achieve  scientific positions.

Conferences and Symposiums

:: Conferences
:: Seminars
:: Scientific output
:: Other Activities

Virtual Library

IVSL Registration - Iraqi Virtual Science Library

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