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( Department of Arabic Language )


In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate.
    The Department of Arabic Language welcomes the female students and wishes them all success. This is one of the Humanities Departments in the College of Education for Girls/University of Mosul.
The Department of Arabic Language receives its dear female students from all Iraqi governorates  . It strives with all its human capacity and material capabilities to qualify its graduates to work in the field of education. It grants a bachelor's degree in Arabic Language In 2008-2009 , the first class included 29  graduates .
The teaching staff of the Arabic department consists of  14  PhDdegree holders , one professor ,seven assistant professor and six lecturers in addition to (  5  )MA degree holders . in addition to other teachers who joined PhD studies. The first round of the Master's programme  in linguistics and literature  will commence in the coming academic year  2013 – 2014.
The number of female students enrolled in the current academic year 2012-2013 in the Department is (159). The department has exerted all efforts to offer many services and academic potentials. It vigorously seeks to inculcate human values and ideals that act in building the female students' personality to be followed examples  on the scientific and educational levels.

The vision
The Department of Arabic Language believes in the necessity of human development to promote female students, uphold cultural and human values by educating linguistic and literary heritage. Also , it believes that creating a civilization and achieving growth and development in various areas of life emerges stems from preparing minds correctly and boosting work efficiently the State institutions. The effectiveness of Arabic language performance between the community structure and state institutions would build properly a cultural and practical ways. The latter ensures transition to advanced stages in building Arabic teaching to maintainits identity and strengthenits position among other languages.

The Message
The Department message is educational and scientific. It tries to convey this message to the community via  its students by adopting the conventional Islamic approach and  promoting the female students' linguistic knowledge to let the  educational and academic process succeed .


The Objectives
•    Qualifying  female teachers of high academic skills.
•    Raising a very good-mannered generation.
•    Preparing the female students to be righteous mothers and successful educators.
•    Developing  the students' skills both  in  linguistics  and literature .
•    Engaging the female  students in scientific and cultural contests to show their   real role in the Islamic  and Arab communities .
•    Holding  courses, seminars and conferences on language  periodically to show the importance of Arabic .

نبذة مختصرة عن القسم
The Department of Arabic Language was founded in 2005. It seeks to find optimal and successful ways to qualify  female students who  can master Arabic language and its literature to serve the language of Quran. Also , it aims to qualify good secondary schools teachers to  serve the community in which they live .Moreover ,  It tries to let  them gain linguistic skills  and experience in writing stories, essays ,  poems, and oratory.

Winter Creative Competition 2012


No.       Names                           Titles         Qualification       Specialization
1.        Yosraa Ismail Ibrahim    Professor     Ph.D. Holder     Arabic Literature
2.        Ahmed Hussein Mohammed Kanu    Asst. Professor     Ph.D. Holder     Arabic Literature
3.        Ishtar Dawood Mohammed Ali     Asst. Professor     Ph.D. Holder     Arabic Literature
4.        Ma’anTawfeeqDahamDawood    Asst. Professor     Ph.D. Holder     Linguistics ( Arabic )
5.        MohammedThanoonYounisFathy    Asst. Professor     Ph.D. Holder    Linguistics ( Arabic )
6.        AeshaKhudhar Ahmed Hazaa’    Asst. Professor     Ph.D. Holder    Linguistics ( Arabic )
7.        Gheidaa Ahmed Sa’adoonShlash    Asst. Professor     Ph.D. Holder    Arabic Literature
8.        WasanAbdulghaniMalallah    Asst. Professor     Ph.D. Holder    Arabic Literature
9.        HadeelAbdulhaleemDawood    Lecture    Ph.D. Holder    Arabic Literature
10.        MahmoodAa’ydAtiyaaNajim    Lecture    Ph.D. Holder    Arabic Literature
11.        Alhan Abdullah  Mohammed Hayawi    Lecturer     Ph.D. Holder    Arabic Literature
12.        Idrees Suleiman Mustafa Bera    Lecture    Ph.D. Holder    Linguistics ( Arabic )
13.        Mohammed GhanimShareef Ahmed     Lecture    Ph.D. Holder    Arabic Literature
14.        Alhan  Anwar YounisAbdulrahman    Lecture    Ph.D. Holder    Arabic Literature
15.        SafanaSalim Mohammed Younis    Lecture    Ph.D. Holder    Linguistics ( Arabic )
16.        MahmoodAbdukhaliqYahya Fatah     Lecturer     M.A. Holder    Translation and Linguistics  
17.        Ni’amHikmatAbdulrazzaq Abdullah     Asst. Lecturer    M.A. Holder    Islamic Sciences
18.        AlaaSalahuaddeenAzizSa’ad    Asst. Lecturer     M.A. Holder    Linguistics ( English )
19.        Alhan Anwar Younis    Asst. Lecturer    M.A. Holder    Computer Sciences
20.        Alaa Mohammed Ibrahim     Asst. Lecturer     M.A. Holder    Linguistics ( Arabic )
21.        LamyaaHuseein Hassan Hameed    Asst. Lecturer     M.A. Holder    Linguistics ( Arabic )



Year     First     Second     Third     Fourth     Total
No.       159          52          57          36          304

Academic Year    Students Names               No.
2008-2009           AfrahMowafaqFaraj           1.    
2009-2010           Huda Mustafa Abdullah     2.    
2010-2011          Wasan Sultan Ahmed         3.    
2011-2012          Huda MahfoodFathy           4.   

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