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( Department of Quran Sciences and Islamic Education )


In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate .
    All praise is due to Allah, and Allah's Peace and Blessings be upon His Final Messenger, his pure family, his noble. Companions, and all those who follow them with righteousness until the Day of Judgment.
To proceed: the department of Koran Science and Islamic Education, with its all various sciences, is one of humanities .It is the most honored one and the most among all sciences. It encourages all our girls to join it. It is concerned with teaching the sciences of the Islamic law , Sharia ,  particularly reciting the Holy  Koran and its interpretation as well as Sunnah and hadith hadith of the prophet Muhammad pbuh .In addition to the  prophetic biography and Islamic jurisprudence , [fiqh] and its origins. Moreover , linguistics of Arabic including grammar, morphology and rhetoric, and inimitability of Koran with all its aspects so the female student become qualified enough and have well-educated personality that enable her to serve the society and builds its bases, values and morals and Ratified the Messenger of God peace be upon him by saying:(If Allah wants to do good to a person, He makes him well-versed in the religion) The department with all its  experienced teaching staff  and human resources work to  qualify  distinctive graduated females in the field of teaching and education theoretically and practically .It receives female students from all Iraqi  governorates. The  number of the students enrolled in the academic year 2012-2013 is (407) students.
In brief , the department is developing; it seeks for starting an afternoon study and also postgraduate studies .All of these promote and develop the teaching and educational process to reach the best places.

The vision
    Making the  depart t a scientific context  for Islamic Law both in teaching and in having  research in accordance with  demanded and recognized standards of quality and reliability.

The Message
The department of Koran Science and Islamic Education  is looking for finding a scientific environment to meet comprehensive standards of quality and reliability in the fields of education and scientific research demanded and recognized standards of quality and reliability. Additionally, it tries to qualify teachers  in the field of Islamic Code and education scientifically, intellectually and behaviorally .This will allow them to participate actively  in serving the society and  in presenting  a distinctive performance in the Islamic Code .

 The Objectives
1.    Providing the female students with the Islamic culture that makes them  responsible before Allah , the Almighty as far as tasks that the  Islamic society assigns her to be the building blocks of  the  society .
2.    Developing the self confidence and building  the personality of the Islamic young women so  to achieve her tasks in life as a wife, mother, a scientist and worker via helping her acquire knowledge  and suitable  skills.
3.    Qualifying females as  specialists in science and knowledge in a way that accords with their  nature to help them contribute  in achieving the comprehensive development within the limits of the Islamic Code .
4.    Developing the creative capabilities of the young woman and training  her on using the scientific method facing  problems as well as  solving them .
5.    Defining the basics of the Islamic culture and showing the characteristics of the Islamic society towards issues like  family, society, politics, economy .. etc. via the planned  curricula .
6.    Showing the importance of translating  the Islamic epistemologies into practice ,the behaviour of Muslims .
7.    Finding the appropriate Islamic solutions for the problems that are evoked by theories and the contemporary systems.
8.    Graduating a generation of  female researchers in the field of Islamic Code who possess the required knowledge in the basics of Fiqh that enables them to deal  and analyse the genuine resources of Fiqhbeside connecting them with  contemporary issues .
9.    Showing  the universality of Islam via  researches and Islamic Code studies
10.    Relating  the curricula  to the Islamic society.
11.    Connecting  the study of Islamic code sciences with the modern technical means

        The department of Koran Science and Islamic Education was established in 2005 A.D. it is looking for finding a scientific environment meets the standards of comprehensive quality in the fields of education and scientific research, habilitating specialists female in the field of Islamic Code and education scientifically, intellectually and behaviorally the matter which allows them to be capable of participating in serving the society and present a distinctive performance in the Islamic code and educational field theoretically and practically.
الفعاليات الطلابية
Students activities
1.    Summer competition for memorizing Koran for the academic year 2011-2012
2.    Summer competition for memorizing Koran (the 26th part) for the academic year 2012-2013

Sessions and Symposiums
A symposium of treating the banking contracts by the Islamic code on 26/04/2012

No       Names                           Titles           Qualification      Specialization
1.        MazinMowafqSadeek    Professor     Ph.D. Holder     Linguistics ( Arabic )
2.        IzharYahyaKasim Ahmed     Asst. Professor     Ph.D. Holder     Educational Psychology
3.        ZeinabHikmatAbdulrazzaq    Asst. Professor     Ph.D. Holder     Theology
4.        Khalid Isam Khalil Ibraim    Asst. Professor     Ph.D. Holder    Theology
5.        Taha Abdullah Mohammed     Asst. Professor     Ph.D. Holder    Theology
6.        Adnan AbsulsalamAsaad    Asst. Professor     Ph.D. Holder    Linguistics ( Arabic )
7.        SalihSa’eedEhlalMohmmed    Lecturer    Ph.D. Holder    Quran Science
8.        Ahmed Amir Sultan Alduleimi    Lecturer     Ph.D. Holder    Linguistics ( Arabic )
9.        Mona Mohammed Balu    Lecturer    Ph.D. Holder    Public Law
10.        Ban Salahudeen Mohammed     Lecturer    Ph.D. Holder    Literature (Arabic )
11.        Sheimaa Hussein Ali Mohsin    Lecturer    Ph.D. Holder    History of Islam
12.        Salih Ibrahim Salih Ibrahim     Lecturer    Ph.D. Holder    Islamic Jurisprudence
13.        Mohammed Wajed Mohammed     Lecturer    M.A. Holder    Computer Science  
14.        Ma’alimSalimYounis Abdullah     Lecturer     M.A. Holder    Quran Science
15.        YosraAbdulfatahYasKhudhar    Asst. Lecturer     M.A. Holder    Islamic Jurisprudence
16.        HebaReyadhshafeeqKamil    Asst. Lecturer     M.A. Holder    Economics
17.        Suleiman Ahmed Younis    Asst. Lecturer     M.Sc. Holder    Methodology
18.        ZeyadMudhfarSa’eed    Asst. Lecturer     M.Sc. Holder    Islamic Jurisprudence


Conferences and Symposiums

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