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( Department of Physical Education )


In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate.

The department of physical education was established in 2005, and since its establishment; it was assigned to make the complete personalities for the female students, and promote the efficiency functions of body organisms, physical characteristics, acquiring movement skills by the female students, athletic capabilities, acquiring health and athletic knowledge, deciding the wanted patriotic directions, concentrating on social and scientific activities, committing to the noble athletic spirit and excellent collegiate traditions. Because comprehensive education of an individual is a vital matter on which the promotion of the society is based totally.


The vision

The department is looking forward to be pioneering in the scope of the scientific research of the applied activities and the educational services within the scope of physical education and sport sciences.


The Message

Teaching the practical and the theoretical application of sciences and skills of the female students and providing the society with specialized academic staff performs its educational duties inside the society and react with it making use of the results of the scientific research and the principles of sport sciences in order to promote the health level and sport accomplishment, and transporting the technical knowledge of all fields of physical education. Providing the resources of knowledge and the capabilities of research, training in order to develop the outputs of the department that serve the society.


 The Objectives

1Promoting the body functional efficiency of organisms and acquiring movement skills, athletic capabilities and styles of sport behavior

2Qualifying  female teachers ,having the capability of invention and renewal ,  who are able to teach physical education in secondary schools in order to stimulate students to the sport activity and practicing it positively.

3Developing athletics and making the female students acquire the panoramic view about the rules of games as well as  explaining the good behaviour during the participation in competitions.

4Developing the syllabuses of physical education and updating them within the scope of sport sciences in order to accompany development in sciences and knowledge.

Communicating  academically and scientifically with the colleges and  the departments of physical education at local and regional levels  in order to exchange the applied experiences and to  enrich the theoretical epistemologies that are related to various sciences of physical education and sport.

5Planning and running programmesrelated to the  preparation and training  of the team that represent the university in festivals and athletic championships on the level of administrating the  college students activity.

6Encouraging the teaching  staff of the department to achieve invented and distinctive scientific researches in addition to urging them to  participate with researches  in scientific and specialized conferences and symposiums for the sake of putting forth solutions and procedural scientific recommendations.

7Showing the importance of practicing sport with all its types and aspects by spreading the cultural awareness  among students of the department  particularly and the students of the  college generally as well as  among other entities of the society mainly  by means of courses organization and sport activities.

8Acquiring the trust of the society in the outputs of the educational process by strengthening the relation between the college and the society in order to promote and improve the services that the college presents



            Championships of Ping-Pong and Badminton gaining advanced places in 2012.



No.       Names      Titles             Qualification              Specialization

1NibrasYounis Mohammed Al- Morad     Asst. ProfessorPh.D. Holder     Physical Psychology 

2Dhumyaa Ali Abdullah Salih       Asst. ProfessorPh.D. Holder     Training Science

3Alaa’ aldeen Faisal Khatab         Lecturer           Ph.D. Holder     Physical Biomechanics

4ThabetEhsan Ahmed  Mustafa Lecturer           MSc. Holder      Administration

5GhadaHashimAbdulmajeed  Ahmed      Lecturer           MSc. Holder      Methodology

6EnasBehnamNequlaJamjoom   Asst. Lecturer   MSc. Holder      Assessment

7Zeinab Mustafa Thanoon Mustafa         Asst. Lecturer   MSc. Holder      Methodology

8SalwanTalalAbdulkareemKhaleel           Asst. Lecturer   M.A. Holder      Methodology

9EmanHeshamAbdulrahman      Asst. Lecturer   MSc. Holder      Info. Technology



Year      First      Second      Third     Fourth    Total

No.               28           19        36             24          107



Academic Year       Students Names                     No.

2008-2009             Ranaa Sameer Abdulsatar         1.        

2009-2010             Noor Faris Ahmed         2.                    

2010-2011             ZenaAbdulkareemKasim           3.           

2011-2012              Farah Tha’erSa;adullah  4.            


Conferences and Symposiums

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