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( Department of Chemistry )


In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate .
Welcome to the Department of Chemistry. It is one of the teaching-oriented scientific departments in the College of Education for Girls/ University of Mosul.The department was created  in 2006. It hosts female students fromalllovely Iraqi governorates .Itstrives to be an outstanding department  making use of all human potential, material capabilities to qualify graduates to serve as teachers  of Chemistry. Currently, the Department awards Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. In the first Class of 2009-2010, it graduated 35 female students; in second Class of 2010-2011,( 32) students; third Class of 2011-2012, the number of graduates was (27). The Department seeks avidly to start  MSc studies due to the availability of highly qualified teaching staff . The teaching staff consist of (4) Professors, (4  ) PhD Assistant Professors in  various Chemistry disciplines,  (3) PhD Lecturers, (2 ) MSc Lecturers and 15 MSc Assistant Lecturers.
For the current academic year 2012-2013, the Department has (231) female students. There are two laboratories in the department of Chemistry and a third shared laboratory with the department of Biology at the same College. Great efforts have been exerted  to equip the laboratories with modern scientific devices to further advance.
Many scientific symposia and continuing education courses have been run to develop the Chemistry female teachers' skills in cooperation with the Directorate of Education in Ninawa. These events will assist in raising the scientific standards in the Secondary schools.
The Department participated in the First National Scientific Conference on Chemistry held bythe College of Science for Girls/ University of Baghdad in cooperation  with the University of Kufa and University of Qadisiya.

The vision
    The Department's vision is to improve the female students' scientific level and to build their capacities by developing, ameliorating and modernizing the theoretical and practical potentials of the department to achieve quality educational outcomes. The department works on educating the scientific fundamentals and principles of Chemistry and teaching the female students its various branches (i.e. Organic, Inorganic, Analytical, Bio, Physical and Industrial). The department seeks to develop Polymers Chemistry and to provide opportunities for distinguished students to continue their postgraduate studies (MSc & PhD) through postgraduate courses at the college.

The Message
The message  of the department  of Chemistry is academic and  educational  ,i.e. to qualifying  competent female teachers via building their capacities, skills, attitudes and optimal values to  teach at all schooling levels, i.e. intermediate and preparatory, and enable them to employ modern techniques and methods in teaching .

 The Objectives
1.    Preparing  scientific competencies specialized in Chemistry to serve education  , programmes and plans in secondary schools.
2.    Preparing  female graduates and qualifying  them scientifically, culturally and socially so that they can contribute to the societal development and progress.
3.    Providing  modern books, references and research papers in all Chemistry disciplines to let female students be aware of the latest knowledge trends.
4.    Holding instructional  lectures that  female students can benefit from .
5.    Conducting  scientific academic and applied researches.
6.    Contributing in the dissemination of scientific education via scientific conferences and symposia.
7.    Providing  Chemistry-related technical services for the public and private sectors.
8.    Striving to start  postgraduate studies in all branches of Chemistry.


No.      Names                                                   titles               Qualification       Specialization
1.        Khawola Ahmad  Mahmood Al-Flayeh    Professor     Ph.D. Holder     Biochemistry
2.        Maher Abdulrazzaq Mohammed     Professor     Ph.D. Holder     Inorganic Chemistry
3.        Layla Mohammed NajeebSleem    Professor    Ph.D. Holder     Physical Chemistry
4.        Akram Aziz Mohammed     Professor     Ph.D. Holder     Industrial Chemistry
5.        Mohammed Salim Sheet  Mustafa     Lecturer     Ph.D. Holder    Analytical Chemistry
6.        IbtihajZaki Suleiman Al- Haleem    Asst. Professor     Ph.D. Holder    Physical Chemistry
7.        DawwodHabo Mohammed HaboAmir    Asst. Professor     Ph.D. Holder    Analytical Chemistry
8.        NajlaaHeshamTaher    Asst. Professor     Ph.D. Holder    Inorganic Chemistry
9.        Amir AbdulhameedAbdulmajeed    Asst. Professor    Ph.D. Holder    Physical Chemistry
10.        RikzanMahmoodDawwod Suleiman     Lecturer     Ph.D. Holder    Biochemistry
11.        FarhaKhalaf Omar Ahmed     Lecturer     Ph.D. Holder    Analytical Chemistry
12.        Nuha Mohammed Yahya    Lecturer     Ph.D. Holder    Physical Chemistry
13.        TalatRajih Mohammed Ameen    Lecturer     Ph.D. Holder    Organic Chemistry
14.        AkramNori hammed Salih    Lecturer     MSc. Holder    Organic Chemistry
15.        Intisar AdilShihab Ahmed     Lecturer     MSc. Holder    Analytical Chemistry
16.        Ahmed Modhafar Mohammed Sedeek    Lecturer     MSc. Holder    Inorganic Chemistry
17.        Heba Aziz Mohammed Thanoon    Asst. Lecturer     MSc. Holder    Inorganic Chemistry
18.        Heba Ali TahaThanoon    Asst. Lecturer     MSc. Holder    Statistics
19.        IbtisamMahmoodHAmidHumadi    Asst. Lecturer     MSc. Holder    Physical Chemistry
20.        Rand ArshadSa’adaldeenMar’ee    Asst. Lecturer     MSc. Holder    Organic Chemistry
21.        Rana Tahseen Ali Hussein     Asst. Lecturer     MSc. Holder    Physical Chemistry
22.        RanaFadhilJasim Mohammed     Asst. Lecturer     MSc. Holder    Biochemistry
23.        MaysaaKheiruadeenShakirMahmood    Asst. Lecturer     MSc. Holder    Organic Chemistry
24.        ZeinabHazim Mohammed Qadu    Asst. Lecturer     MSc. Holder    Biochemistry
25.        MudharAkram Othman Abdulrahman    Asst. Lecturer     MSc. Holder    Organic Chemistry
26.        Omar FadhilHumadi Ahmed     Asst. Lecturer     MSc. Holder    Methodology
27.        LiqaaAdreesSa’eedMalku    Asst. Lecturer     MSc. Holder    Industrial Chemistry
28.        Ro’aaMozahimMa’youfYounis    Asst. Lecturer     MSc. Holder    Organic Chemistry
29.        Hind Ahmed MahmoodAbdulallah    Asst. Lecturer     M.A. Holder    Analytical Chemistry
30.        Huda Ahmed Abid Mohammed     Asst. Lecturer     MSc. Holder    Organic Chemistry

Year     First     Second     Third     Fourth     Total
No.       231         27           56          68           80

Academic Year     Students Names     No.
2009-2010    HalaaSa’adJasim    1.    
2010-2011    Jehan Ibrahim Ghazi     2.    
2011-2012    FadyaaHekmatFadhil    3.   

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