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( Department of Biology )



In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate.

On my behalf and on the department of Biology   staff members  behalf, we welcome female students who would like to apply  to  the department of Biology which is one of the academic departments that are interested of scientific, educational , pedagogical and guiding aspects .In the beginning  , The department of Biology was founded in the academic year 2006 and included at that time elite of 10  members who started working and striving hardly  just  as a core to form  an integrated unit for the coming years .  The department includes more than 30 members who work in various  fields of Biology   .The degree given by the department is BSc in Biology .  In the academic year ( 2009 – 2010),  the number of graduates were  (29) students, in the academic year ( 2010-2011 ) the number of graduates  increases to (39) in the academic year (2011-2012)  the number of graduates were (28) students.

Staff members  of the department have participated  developmentally and improvingly  in seminars and scientific conferences, training courses and workshops to develop and improve their  performance . The Department seeks to start postgraduate studies ( M.Sc. )  in microbiology ( plant and  animal ) due to the availability of   modern laboratory devices and  the  keen teaching staff members.

The department of Biology witnesses observed arrival especially this  academic year (2012-2013 ) in comparison with the previous academic years owing to  the extraordinary effort done  . Actually , the department  strives  to provide the latest techniques and modern scientific methods theoretical and practically . Forwardly ,staff members have agreed upon qualifying students of good  quality depending on the  belief in the principles of our religion to serve  our country.


 The vision

The vision of the department is to achieve comprehensive scientific progress that serves all aspects of society and urge it   forwardly   via the future   role played  by its graduates who have been qualified scientifically and practical to keep pace with advances in technology and  developed scientific laboratories.


The Message

The mission of the department is determined by qualifying morally and scientifically distinguished  and professional graduates  in the field of teaching, In addition to increase the  staff members efficiency via establishing training courses,  , seminars  ,symposiums  and grants  besides  the provision of modern technologies, and letting the door to cooperation open  with various universities and institutions.


The Objectives

The objectives of the department is qualifying  students professionally in the field of teaching Biology as a science . In addition to search  ,to study the recent trends  in the field of Biology and   to cope with the  scientific developments in the field .Furthermore , being in touch scientifically  with other  departments of Biology  of other colleges of education at the national level to exchange experiences and  to encourage staff members  to present distinguished scientific researches . The last objective is encouraging graduates to keep up with developments in science and knowledge.



The department of Biology , one of the College of Education for girls departments , was founded in 2006 . It  includes  the essential specializations of Biology , Animal, Botany,  and Microbiology theoretically and practically.  In addition ,  teaching students other various  educational materials that are  necessary . This is done by the teaching staff members who are  qualified scientifically and practically and morally enough .These members have  used the latest  techniques and  successful methods of teaching. The modern laboratory devices  helped heavily to qualify  students scientifically and rehabilitate them  academically and professionally as teachers in secondary and  preparatory schools as well as institutes  in the near future..                                        



No.       NamesTitles            Qualification     Specialization

1Firas Mohammed Basheer        Lecturer           Ph.D. Holder     Parasitology

2AbdulKareem Suleiman  Hassan Sedan Professor          Ph.D. Holder     Mycology

3Talib Hussein Ali            Professor          Ph.D. Holder     Animal Physiology

4RawdhaKhudhirAlJamaas          Asst. Professor             Ph.D. Holder     Animal Physiology

5RedhaaNadhemHamoo            Asst. Professor             Ph.D. Holder     Parasitology

6ReemZuheirShakirAbdulrahman           Asst. Professor             MSc. Holder      Microbiology

7Rawdha Mohammed AmeenShareef    Lecturer           Ph.D. Holder     Mycology

8Asrar Ismail YaseenYousif          Lecturer            Ph.D. Holder     Pathophysiology

9Anwar FakhryThanoonHammoodi         Lecturer            MSc. Holder      Ecology

10Asmaa Ibrahim Ahmed Al Abaddi          Lecturer            MSc. Holder      Parasitology

11AzharAbduljabbar Hamid          Lecturer            MSc. Holder      Histology

12BeidaaGhanim Mohammed Ibrahim      Lecturer            MSc. Holder      Microbiology

13ImanSalimMahmood Mohammed         Lecturer            MSc. Holder      Biochemistry

14InaamJasim Mohammed Hassan           Lecturer            MSc. Holder      Mycology

15JehanYahyaKasimSalih  Lecturer           MSc. Holder      Botany

16Liqaa Hussein Ali Mohammed    Lecturer            MSc. Holder      Histology

17LubnaYassen Abbas      Lecturer            MSc. Holder      Entomology

18Rana Ibrahim Mohammed Abdullah      Lecturer            MSc. Holder      Microbiology

19RashaNazzarHassoon Abdullah Lecturer            MSc. Holder      Microbiology

20AlyaaHazimAbdulrazzaq Suleiman         Asst. Lecturer   MSc. Holder      Microbiology

21Amina Ahmed Yahya Ahmed     Asst. Lecturer   MSc. Holder      Plant Taxonomy

22AseelIsamJamaladeenNori        Asst. Lecturer   MSc. Holder      Parasitology

23Atika Mohammed Nori Mohammed      Asst. Lecturer   MSc. Holder      Plant Physiology

24Duha Amir Sultan Abdulqadir    Asst. Lecturer   MSc. Holder      Data Compression

25Fatima HikmatMahmood SheetAsst. Lecturer   MSc. Holder      Physiology

26Fu’adSalim Ismail Yassen           Asst. Lecturer   MSc. Holder      Parasitology

27Muayad Tahseen Yousif            Asst. Lecturer   M.A. Holder      Linguistics

28ManalAbdulmutalibAbid Ismail Asst. Lecturer   MSc. Holder      Genetics

29RanaSuheil Abdullah Hassan      Asst. Lecturer   MSc. Holder      Parasitology

30RayaaGhalibSa’adullahAlSultanAsst. Lecturer   MSc. Holder      Embryology

31ShefaaTeiyarJaffar Mohammed            Asst. Lecturer   MSc. Holder      Mycology

32ZahraaSalimYounis Abdullah      Asst. Lecturer   MSc. Holder      Mycology

33Zahraa Tariq Abdulhameed       Asst. Lecturer   MSc. Holder      Mycology

34MahmoodFayz Mohammed      Asst. Lecturer   MSc. Holder      Plant Histology

35RafalMhedyYounisDawood       Asst. Lecturer   MSc. Holder      Molecular Biology

36SajaaDheyaaAldeen Mustafa    Asst. Lecturer   MSc. Holder      Biotechnology



Year      First      Second          Third     Fourth    Total

No.                85           66        60                  28        239



Academic Year Students Names                      No.

2009-2010          ZenaQeidar  Ahmed      1.             

2010-2011          Nash’at Mohammed Salih         2.      

2011-2012          Fatima NashawnNatheer          3.       

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